An alternative way to automate IVR tests

A few weeks ago, I posted an article describing a real hands-on experience on implementing IVR unit tests in an CVP Studio application. But programmatic unit tests are not the only way to automate IVR application tests and provide a repeatable and reliable way of testing large portions of an application easily, in a matter of minutes. There are other ways to get most of the benefits of unit testing without even having to pick the phone (you have better things to do than make hundreds of phone calls a day, right?).

One of them is NuBot, Nu Echo’s hosted IVR application testing platform. With NuBot, there are basically three steps involved:

  1. You instrument your application with DTMF sequences at specific places in the application’s call-flow. These sequences are used to synchronize the application with your test scenarios and are only played when the application is in test mode. (We also support speech-recognition-based synchronization, but only through our professional services at the moment.)
  2. You program your test scenarios using the free NuBot integrated testing environment (ITE), an Eclipse plugin that can co-exist alongside the rest of your programming environment.
  3. You schedule and launch your test on our hosted platform from the NuBot ITE, specifying which scenarios to use, how many ports are needed, how many runs of each scenario to do, etc.

Now as you modify your application, you simply keep your tests up-to-date and re-run them as needed. They can even be incorporated into an automated continuous integration process running every night. So if you break something in the application, you will know it fast.

Of course, in contrast to unit tests which are run on the developer’s machine, automated tests using NuBot require that the application is deployed on a server first. This requires some extra work. But you would have to do that anyway if you were to do your tests manually. And it’s worth it considering that you are doing end-to-end testing of your application, not just running some Java code.

Load-testing ready

Another advantage of using NuBot is that once your application is instrumented and you have all your test scenarios, they can be readily used for load testing. This way, you won’t have to start planning for the development of load testing scripts only after the application is fully implemented.

And of course, you’ll do the load testing it at your own convenience, all by yourself. This way, you stay in control of your testing process. (We do offer professional services if you prefer, but they are completely optional.)

Try it now!

Want to cut your testing costs while delivering more reliable applications? Give NuBot a try.

We also have an on-premise version if using a hosted platform is not an option. Contact us for more details.

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Dominique Boucher
I am the CTO of Nu Echo, where I am in charge of leading the technology directions and help turn customer requirements into truly effective products and solutions.

4 comments on “An alternative way to automate IVR tests”

  1. Venu Jaganadham Reply


    I have a requirement to test an IVR system through Automation tool.

    Please advise me, is there any Automation tool to test IVR system? or

    guide me if there is any other alternative way to test this IVR through automation.

    It would be so great if you share your ideas.

    Thank you

    • Dominique Boucher Reply

      Hi Venu,

      There exists a number of commercially available tools to test IVR systems. One such tool is NuBot, a product developed by Nu Echo. You can get more information here. It’s a very effective tool to automate such things as functional tests, non-regression tests, load tests, and more.

  2. Anant Reply


    We have a requirement to do load and performance testing on a Banking IVR system where 100+ users will be calling the IVR and doing different banking related transactions and also record and report the different transactions time.

    Could you please let us know if something like this can be achieved through this solutions.


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