Monthly Archives: September 2010

Putting a VoiceXML gateway behind Asterisk

I’m a big fan of both Asterisk and VoiceXML. Each has its own sweet spot. Asterisk is great for building complete telephony systems (dial plans, conference calls, queues, voicemail, etc.), while VoiceXML is the standard way to develop full-blown telephony applications for large organisations. But what if you want to bridge the two? There are […]

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Get two NuGram IDE Pro licenses free when you purchase a grammar development course

Learn how to systematically deliver high-quality, high performance grammars by fully leveraging the features and tools available in NuGram IDE. Supported by hands-on exercises and numerous examples, Effective Grammar Development with NuGram IDE provides a breadth of knowledge, best practices, and tips and tricks that have shown their effectiveness at addressing the main challenges of […]

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Testing an Intervoice InVision app with Voxeo Prophecy

I’ve just started working on a DTMF-only VoiceXML application for one of our customers. The application is developed using Intervoice InVsion Studio 3.1 (the native Windows version) and will be deployed on the Intervoice Voice Portal 5. The challenge in this project is three-fold: Development is done in Nu Echo’s premises. Nu Echo does not […]

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