Monthly Archives: February 2011

What’s the point of having 98% in-grammar accuracy if 40% of user utterances are out-of-grammar?

How many times have you heard people say that they “achieve 95% speech recognition accuracy” (or more)? That sounds really impressive, doesn’t it? It shouldn’t. What they don’t tell you is that they actually measure “in-grammar accuracy”, which means that accuracy is measured only on utterances that are perfectly covered by the grammar. For instance, […]

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Nu Echo Introduces the Mirador IVR Application Monitoring Service

The most effective way to make sure your speech or Touch-Tone IVR systems are up and running and provide the user experience you expect MONTREAL, QC, February 8, 2011 – Nu Echo, creator of the NuBot Automated IVR Testing Platform, is introducing Mirador, an IVR Monitoring Service that makes sure your speech or Touch-Tone IVR […]

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Testing dynamic grammars

In my post on NuGram and CouchDB, I neglected to mention how the dynamic grammar was authored and, most importantly, tested. Having a repeatable process for testing grammars is very important when developing a speech application, as most grammars change and get more complex over time. Of course, the grammar was authored with NuGram IDE. […]

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