Monthly Archives: May 2011

Session timeouts in NuGram Hosted Server

(This post has nothing to do with speech technologies or IVR applications. It’s merely a discussion on an implementation detail I described at the Erlang Montreal meetup and it’s rather technical.) In my previous post about my talk at the Erlang Montreal meetup, slide 15 briefly¬†outlines how session timeouts are implemented in NuGram Hosted Server. […]

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Using NuBot with the Tropo Scripting API

Ever wondered how to instrument an existing application for use with the NuBot IVR Testing Platform? My colleague Pascal wrote a helper function in Groovy for easy instrumentation of applications built using the Tropo Scripting API. The trick is to define a closure encapsulating the playing of DTMF sequences (these sequences are required in order […]

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CouchDB for call analysis data – a case study

At Nu Echo, we’ve been developing and refining our own VoiceXML application framework for years now. As part of our nth rewrite (and I’ll talk more about that rewrite and why we did it in another post), we decided to experiment with CouchDB. (For those new to¬†CouchDB, it’s a schema-less document-oriented database. A so-called NoSQL […]

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