The Rivr Cookbook

Back in August, when we launched Rivr, our open-source Java dialogue engine for VoiceXML, we knew one thing was sorely lacking: good documentation. We recently addressed this shortcoming with a complete cookbook containing several recipes.

The recipes

Rivr has a lot to offer. Just looking at a few examples like the Hello World application, however, may not be sufficient to truly appreciate its salient features. The Rivr cookbook fills this gap by focusing on the most common tasks one wants to achieve with it.

The cookbook is divided into 5 sections:

  1. A few sample applications (just one for now).
  2. Output turns, or how you play prompts and collect input from users, transfer calls, etc.
  3. How platform-specific features can be expressed (attached data, etc.).
  4. Integration aspects, like how to write JUnit tests or integrate with dependency injection frameworks (Spring and the like).
  5. Miscellaneous recipes.

By mastering these recipes, developers will be much better equipped to tackle more challenging voice applications.

Of course, cookbooks are always works in progress. So expect other recipes to be added in the upcoming months.

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