Rivr 1.0 is out!

RivrYou may have already noticed but Rivr,  the Java dialogue engine for VoiceXML applications that we open-sourced last summer, has reached the 1.0 milestone. Thanks to Nu Echo’s dedicated team, this version is now the perfect tool for your communications application development, adding:

  • Stability. We fixed a number of issues.
  • A cleaner, more consistent API. We polished many parts of the original API.
  • Support for more VoiceXML platforms.
  • And, more importantly, extensive documentation in the form of Javadoc comments and a great cookbook that illustrates API usage for most use cases.

With this release, organizations can now rely on a rock-solid alternative to develop their call center or communications applications using the tools that better fit their corporate culture. Some of the largest banking institutions in Canada trust Rivr for the development of all their call center applications. Why not you?

As Nikos Patsis, CEO of VoiceWeb, says: “Rivr truly tackles a yet to be addressed space in the VoiceXML development landscape. It’s refreshing.” So wait no more, give Rivr a try!

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Dominique Boucher
I am the CTO of Nu Echo, where I am in charge of leading the technology directions and help turn customer requirements into truly effective products and solutions.

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